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Credit card authorization was declined
WebsiteGear attempts to authorize a small amount (within $5.00) on your credit card to verify that your credit card information is correct. The authorization payment is never charged to your credit card and will not show up on your credit card statements. However, the limit on your credit card may be reduced by the amount until the authorization expires.

If your credit card is declined, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

- The credit card information is incorrect.
- The credit card issuing bank has detected fraudulent transactions related to this credit card.
- The credit card was rejected because of multiple attempts to charge to this card.

The credit card is declined by your credit card issuing bank. You should first call your credit card issuing bank and ask for the reason why the charges from WebsiteGear Inc. was declined. The bank will provide this information only to you (the card holder).

If the reason is related to anything we can help with, do contact us with the problem.