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Click Tracking FAQ

Check How to set up Click Tracking
Here are the simple steps to create a link and test the tracking feature. Sign-up for FREE trial click tracking account: ---------------------------------------------------- 1. Sign-up for a new WebsiteGear account if you do not have one, use the sign-up link on the top. WebsiteGear provides a ... Check more (Click Tracking FAQ)
Check Customize Link Tracking URL - Use Custom Domain or Subdomain Name
The tracking URL can be customized to any other subdomain or domain name instead of In order to change the tracking url, the DNS setting for the domain has to be modified to point the domain or subdomain to An example is shown below Enter a new CNAME ... Check more (Click Tracking FAQ)
Check Tracking advertisement campaign using click tracking
Advertisement campaigns can be tracked for click and conversion rates using the click tracking service. Create a link for the destination webpage in your WebsiteGear click tracking account, and place the WebsiteGear provided link in your advertisement creative (banner ads, text ads etc.). Place ... Check more (Click Tracking FAQ)
Check Tracking search keywords of Google AdWords ads
This article shows how to track the keyword using the WebsiteGear Click Tracking software for ads placed on Google AdWords. To track keywords in Google AdWords Ads, use the {keyword} as the keyword value in the link tracking code when creating the ad in Google AdWords. The actual keyword will be ... Check more (Click Tracking FAQ)
Check Tracking Image Views - Tracking Page Or Email Newsletter View Count
The click tracking tool can be used to track how many times an image was viewed and corresponding data such as unique views, IP data, keyword etc. (based on membership plan features). This is useful for example to track how many users opened the email to view the newsletter (email open rate). Ste ... Check more (Click Tracking FAQ)
Check Cancel or Terminate Click Tracking Account
To cancel or terminate your click tracking account, log into your click tracking account and select "Cancel Membership" link in the left menu under "Membership". Note that you will be charged for the billing period in which you cancel. The charges will include the base fees an ... Check more (Click Tracking FAQ)
Check Why was my account deactivated before the trial period was over?
WebsiteGear provides a free 15 day Trial Membership for up to 100 clicks. Your account should have reached 100 clicks. We have to enforce this 100 click limit in order to stop spammers using our services. And it has happened in the past when we allowed unlimited clicks within the trial period. Th ... Check more (Click Tracking FAQ)
Check Bulk Loading multiple links into Click Tracking Tool
WebsiteGear provides multiple ways to load multiple links into the click tracking tool quickly. The first method is to use the bulk import feature of Click Tracking Tool. The bulk load feature is available to Gold and Platinum members only. Bulk Link Import ------------------------ Multiple lin ... Check more (Click Tracking FAQ)
Check Using API Integration for Click Tracking
Application Programming Interface (API) enables the automation of tasks, such as creating new links. Using the API service, requests can be launched remotely from another system. The API is not restricted to any specific programming language and can be used in any language that has support for sendi ... Check more (Click Tracking FAQ)
Check Tracking Google AdWords Text Advertisements
This article shows how to track the Google Adwords ads using the WebsiteGear Click Tracking software. Create a link in your account with the destination set to your website. See this FAQ on how to create new links for tracking - WebsiteGear will pr ... Check more (Click Tracking FAQ)