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Using API Integration for Click Tracking
Application Programming Interface (API) enables the automation of tasks, such as creating new links. Using the API service, requests can be launched remotely from another system. The API is not restricted to any specific programming language and can be used in any language that has support for sending data via HTTP GET or POST calls.

API Integration feature is available to Platinum members only.

How the API works
A method is called through a HTTP GET or POST request. If a call is successful, it returns a result, for example, the URL for a newly created link. If the call fails, it will return an error message. An API method is called like this: (API token in the example below is not a valid one)
&title=Link title&url=

Authentication for API calls
Access to the API requires authentication. For security reasons, a unique API Token is used instead of the account password. This API Token must be sent as a parameter of the call. The API Token for your account will be displayed after you accept the service agreement and activate the API Integration service.

Setup API Integration
The API Integration feature is available under Click Tracking > Link Setup > API Integration menu on the left. Using the API requires you to accept the service agreement and click on 'Activate' button to enable API usage on this account. The API Authentication token is displayed once the API Integration is enabled for the account.