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Web Survey FAQ

Check Customize Web Survey URL - Use Custom Domain or Subdomain Name
WebsiteGear allows you to use your own domain or subdomain name for a web survey. The customized URL will be visible in your web survey account view under survey general settings. The custom URL feature is NOT available for Silver membership. Additional setup needed on your DNS server ---------- ... Check more (Web Survey FAQ)
Check How to enable SSL for web surveys?
Secure socket layer or SSL allows the survey data to be transmitted in an encrypted format, hence, enhancing the security of the data captured during the survey. To enable SSL encryption on any survey in your account, follow the steps: 1. Log into your survey account. 2. Select the survey from t ... Check more (Web Survey FAQ)
Check How to create a new web survey?
WebsiteGear Survey Software provides 3 easy ways to create a new survey: 1. Use a provided survey template. 2. Copy any existing survey in your account. 3. Create a new survey from scratch. 1. Multiple sample survey templates are provided for you to use. If you choose to use a survey templat ... Check more (Web Survey FAQ)
Check How to set custom value settings for capturing in the survey?
Up to 4 data values corresponding to the survey respondent (such as first name, last name, email address, customer ID etc.) can be captured in the survey. These custom values to be recorded can be passed in the survey URL in real-time (see coding examples under DEPLOY tab) or prompted to the user du ... Check more (Web Survey FAQ)