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Web Poll FAQ

Check Added the web poll code on my website, but nothing's working
Check the following: - Make sure you have copied the code correctly. Usually we have seen problems with free servers. If you use their html editor, the code may get modified after you save. To check if the code is intact, view your page in an internet browser (like Internet Explorer or Netscape). ... Check more (Web Poll FAQ)
Check What types of poll displays can I use on my website?
WebsiteGear provides multiple options to display the polls and results. Compact polls are the best choice among members where the poll and results are integrated into your website. Popup code shows your results on a popup window. Go to the HTML code page for the poll to view the various ... Check more (Web Poll FAQ)
Check Web Poll Account Expiration Policy
Here are the policies for expired web poll accounts. NOTE that other active accounts (such as click tracking) is not affected if web poll account expires. Our automated system sends out reminders 30, 15, 7 and 2 days before the web poll account expires. If still no action is taken, the web poll ... Check more (Web Poll FAQ)
Check Vote Tracking For Web Polls
WebsiteGear Web Polls provide multiple levels of voter tracking based on the membership plan selected. Tracking a voter starts with a cookie and IP address of the computer from which the user voted on the web poll. However, advanced tracking mechanism is possible for platinum members, where a custom ... Check more (Web Poll FAQ)
Check Customize Web Poll URL - Use Custom Domain or Subdomain Name
For an additional fee, WebsiteGear allows you to use your own domain or subdomain name for the web poll code. The customized URL will be visible in your web poll account view under "Web Poll Account Settings". Contact WebsiteGear support for enabling custom URL. Additional setup needed ... Check more (Web Poll FAQ)
Check Secure URL Using SSL In Web Poll Code - https: instead of http:
If you want to use WebsiteGear web polls on a secure website, the web browser will often flag (with a popup) that the poll is loaded from a non-secure website. To avoid this, WebsiteGear provides secure web poll code. WebsiteGear web polls can be loaded from secure servers using the url https://p ... Check more (Web Poll FAQ)
Check Cancel or Terminate Web Poll Account
To cancel or terminate your web poll account, log into your web poll account and select "Cancel Membership" link in the left menu under "Membership". Note that you will not be refunded any fees that were paid for the duration of the web poll membership. If you are a Platinum l ... Check more (Web Poll FAQ)
Check How to get started with WebsiteGear Web Poll
Here are some quick steps to setup your first web poll Creating Your First Web Poll -------------------------------------- 1. Signup for a new WebsiteGear account if you do not have one, use the signup link on the top. WebsiteGear provides a trial web poll account. 2. Log in to your account if ... Check more (Web Poll FAQ)