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How to get started with WebsiteGear Web Poll
Here are some quick steps to setup your first web poll

Creating Your First Web Poll
1. Signup for a new WebsiteGear account if you do not have one, use the signup link on the top. WebsiteGear provides a trial web poll account.
2. Log in to your account if you already have an account.
3. In the account information page, click on "Web Poll Account" button on the left menu.
4. That will take you to the "Web Poll Account Registration" page.
5. Select a membership plan and click on "Create Web Poll Account".
6. If you require a platinum membership, contact us after creating a gold membership account. Our customer service will upgrade your account to platinum membership.
7. Once you are in the web poll account, click on "Add Web Poll" button.
8. Start creating your first web poll.
9. Once done, save the poll and you will be directed to the web poll code page.

Placing the web poll code on your website
1. There are various codes available to put on your website, newsletter etc.
2. First create a test web page on your website where you can test the polls.
3. Try various codes provided and you will see the usages for each. Also read the instructions on the web poll code page.

Contact customer support if you face any problems. To contact, use the "Contact" link on the top right.