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Added the web poll code on my website, but nothing's working
Check the following:

- Make sure you have copied the code correctly. Usually we have seen problems with free servers. If you use their html editor, the code may get modified after you save. To check if the code is intact, view your page in an internet browser (like Internet Explorer or Netscape). View the html source (in IE, click on View > Source) and search for WebsiteGear code. Compare it with the code provided by WebsiteGear.

- Do not put the code for the SAME poll more than once on one html page. You can put code for different polls on the same page.

- Make sure Javascript is turned on the internet browser if using the javascript code for web poll.

- If you are NOT using compact poll code and have saved the poll and have not updated the code, your poll will not work. See related FAQ.

If you still have problems, contact support with the description of the problem and website link.