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Secure URL Using SSL In Web Poll Code - https: instead of http:
If you want to use WebsiteGear web polls on a secure website, the web browser will often flag (with a popup) that the poll is loaded from a non-secure website. To avoid this, WebsiteGear provides secure web poll code.

WebsiteGear web polls can be loaded from secure servers using the url instead of However, this url has to be setup in your account before you can use this code. Please contact customer support for this to be setup in your web poll account.

The secure (SSL) web poll code is included in all membership plans, and WebsiteGear does not charge extra for this feature unlike our competitors.

Note: You will not be able to use a customized domain or subdomain with secure HTTPS (https:) because that will require domain specific SSL certificates installed on our servers. If you want to use a custom domain or subdomain, please read the other FAQ on "Customize Web Poll URL". SSL setup for custom domain and subdomain is not included in the plan.

Contact us for any questions.