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Customize Web Survey URL - Use Custom Domain or Subdomain Name
WebsiteGear allows you to use your own domain or subdomain name for a web survey. The customized URL will be visible in your web survey account view under survey general settings. The custom URL feature is NOT available for Silver membership.

Additional setup needed on your DNS server
The web survey URL can be customized to any other subdomain or domain name instead of In order to change the url, the DNS setting for the domain has to be modified to point the domain or subdomain to An example is shown below

Enter a new CNAME entry in your DNS servers to point to

Domain name example:
--------------------------- CNAME

Subdomain example:
------------------------- CNAME

where "" is your domain name and "subdomain" is the subdomain you want to use.

Then test the domain or subdomain settings in your web browser by going to or, and see if the WebsiteGear web survey homepage loads. If not, you have some problem with your DNS settings.

If the above works, add the custom URL for any of your web surveys. The custom URL setting is under General Settings under the Settings tab.

Note: You cannot use the customized domain or subdomain with secure HTTPS (https:) because that will require SSL certificates installed on our servers. Contact us for any questions.