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How to set custom value settings for capturing in the survey?
Up to 4 data values corresponding to the survey respondent (such as first name, last name, email address, customer ID etc.) can be captured in the survey. These custom values to be recorded can be passed in the survey URL in real-time (see coding examples under DEPLOY tab) or prompted to the user during survey launch. Survey responses can also be tracked based on these values.

To set the custom fields for a survey, follow the steps below:

1. Log into your survey account.
2. Select the survey from the list of surveys.
3. Click on the survey title from the survey list page.
4. Click on the "Settings" tab.
5. Click on the "Survey Tracking" link under "Settings" tab.
6. In "Survey Tracking" settings, the custom fields are listed under "Custom Response Tracking" section.

Enable the custom fields to use and set the name to display in to user and reports. Check the "Track By" box for each of the data if any of these data should be used to prevent duplicate responses based on the values.

Set the data capture type to either:
i. Passed in via Survey URL: The data will be passed in the survey URL (see example in DEPLOY tab).
ii. Prompt User for Input: The user will be prompted to enter the value(s).

If "Valid Value" is set, the user input will have to match this value. It can be set for any of the custom fields ONLY if it is set to "Prompt User for Input". An example of setting a "Valid Value" is to verify a password or token. Note that the valid value is same for all users. Leave blank if not required to verify.

PS: Custom values are not available for Silver Membership level.