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Bulk Loading multiple links into Click Tracking Tool
WebsiteGear provides multiple ways to load multiple links into the click tracking tool quickly. The first method is to use the bulk import feature of Click Tracking Tool. The bulk load feature is available to Gold and Platinum members only.

Bulk Link Import
Multiple links can be loaded using the Bulk Link Import feature. It can be accessed under Click Account > Link Setup > Bulk Link Import. Note that this feature is available only to Gold and Platinum level of membership.

To load multiple links, enter the link title and link destination URL separated by a comma (,) on each line in the text box. Click 'Upload Links' to save.

Example: {link title},{link destination URL}
Link 1 title,
Link 2 title,

After the import is completed, the results can be downloaded for further remote processing of the links. The results will display the link ID and the WebsiteGear link code assigned to each new link added.