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Tracking Google AdWords Text Advertisements
This article shows how to track the Google Adwords ads using the WebsiteGear Click Tracking software.

Create a link in your account with the destination set to your website.

See this FAQ on how to create new links for tracking -

WebsiteGear will provide a tracking url similar to where xxx is you link ID.

Google Adwords Tracking setup
1. Login to Google Adwords account.
2. Click on the 'Campaigns' tab that you want to setup an ad for.
3. Select the campaign from the list or create a new campaign.
4. Once the campaign is setup, click on the 'Ads' tab to setup an ad.
5. Click on the '+ New Ad' button and select one of the options (e.g. Text Ad) to add a new Google ad.
6. Enter the following:

Headline: [Your Ad Headline]
Description Line 1: [Ad description 1]
Description Line 2: [Ad description 2]
Display URL: [Your website domain name] e.g. or
Destination URL: http://{keyword}
Device Preference:

Set the 'Destination URL' to the click tracking url that is provided by WebsiteGear. Note that there is a /{keyword} added to the end of the 'Destination URL'. That is used to track what keywords were used to search on Google. The WebsiteGear click tracking software will provide you keyword reports based on this data.

See this FAQ -

Save the ad. Once saved, click on the ad from the Google Adwords account, and verify that your website is loading correctly. Now check the clicks in your WebsiteGear click tracking account. You should see the click will be displayed in the reports.