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Tracking Image Views - Tracking Page Or Email Newsletter View Count
The click tracking tool can be used to track how many times an image was viewed and corresponding data such as unique views, IP data, keyword etc. (based on membership plan features). This is useful for example to track how many users opened the email to view the newsletter (email open rate).

1. Create a link in your account and set the target URL to an image file to display in the page or email newsletter. e.g. For a hidden image, use a 1 pixel blank image or use

2. Retrieve the click tracking code for that link from the HTML code view page. Example: (where xxxx is the link ID).

3. Place the tracking code in the image code as shown below. Place the image code in the web page or email newsletter to track views.

<img src="" border="0">

4. Every time the page or the email is opened, the browser will request the image file and WebsiteGear will track the statistics.

Verify the code and test it out before using them in a production environment.