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How to set up Click Tracking
Here are the simple steps to create a link and test the tracking feature.

Sign-up for FREE trial click tracking account:
1. Sign-up for a new WebsiteGear account if you do not have one, use the sign-up link on the top. WebsiteGear provides a free trial account for click tracking.
2. Log in to your account if you already have an account.
3. In the account information page, click on "Click Tracking Account" link.
4. That will take you to the "Click Tracking Account" page.

Setting up a link for tracking clicks:
5. On the Click Tracking Account page, click on "Create New Link" button.
6. Or click on "Link Setup" on the left menu. Then click "Add New Link" on the left menu.
7. Enter the "Link Title" to something describing the link when you view reports.
8. Enter the "Link URL" to the destination URL for this link. That will be url where the user is sent to when the user clicks on it.
9. Enter the other settings or leave it as default.
10. After all the settings are entered, click on save button.
11. That will forward you to the HTML code page.

Setting up code on your website:
12. Copy the link in bold (or use a sample link code) and place it on the click originating site instead of the destination url.

Testing your link:
13. Go to that site where you put the WebsiteGear code and click on that link.
14. Come back to your click tracking account and click on "Reports" from the top menu.
15. Select a report and view the click recorded.